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Conserve Water, Trees and Energy With Macaccino

You Can Make a Difference!

Join the fight to save the Earth by reducing your water footprint. Switch your coffee to SOL Natural Foods’ Macaccino Blends and save thousands of gallons of water each week!

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There was a day where the resources on our planet were so abundant that no one noticed when we took from the Earth. Over time, this became the way we lived. We took, we used, we built, and we enjoyed everything the world gave to us. Like any relationship, we can’t without giving back.


Today, this beautiful new day in our lives, we need to say thank you. Thank you to our world for all that you have given us–the beauty, the resources, and the opportunity to live our dreams in ways we never knew possible. We need to share that same joy with our planet.


Preserving its ability to sustain life is not just a good idea, it’s our responsibility. We have the opportunity, we just have to choose to take it. Here at SOL Natural Foods, we encourage everyone to do the things that they can do to help show the world just how much we love it.




The Science of Living Natural Foods Team

Our Conservation Partners
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Kuychi Foundation

The Kuychi Foundation helps children in poor neighbors find hope in Peru.

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Water.org is a nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities.

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Rainforest Trust

Your purchase of the SOL Natural Foods line of products includes a donation of sales to Rainforest Trust – an organization that helps purchase and protect tropical habitat to save endangered species by working with local organizations and communities throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia.

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