Nutritional Breakdown of the Superfood Maca Root

The Incredible, Edible Maca Root

Nutrition Data and Benefit Breakdown for Maca Root

Maca is an ancient superfood indigenous to Peru, that has been used for thousands of years to provide energy, balance hormones, improve mood, circulation, clear skin and to treat illnesses.

Our delicious MACACCINO blends utilize maca’s best superfood attributes in the form of a roasted, hot chocolate-like beverage. You’ll love the completely organic and natural hand-roasted benefits of MACACCINO as your new powerfully healthy alternative to coffee.

On average, every 10-grams of maca root contains the following nutrients:

Protein ( 1–1.4 g)

Carbohydrates ( 6–7.5 g)

Fats (220 mg)

Fiber (850 mg)

Ash (490 mg)

Sterols (5-10 mg)

Calories (33)

Vitamin B1 (.1 mg)

Vitamin B2 (39 mcg)

Vitamin B6 (114 mcg)

Vitamin C (28.6 mg)

Naicin (565 mg)

Alanine (63 mg)

Arginine (99 mg)

Aspartic Acid (92 mg)

Glutamic Acid (157 mg)

Glycine (68 mg)

Histidine (42 mg)

HO-Proline (26 mg)

Isoleucine (48 mg)

Leucine (91 mg)

Lysine (55 mg)

Methionine (28 mg)

Phenylalanine (55 mg)

Proline (.5 mg)

Sarcosine (.7 mg)

Serine (50 mg)









Threonine (33 mg)

Tryptophan (5 mg)

Tyrosine (31 mg)

Valine (79 mg)

Calcium (25 mg)

Copper (.6 mg)

Iron (1.5 mg)

Iodine (52 mcg)

Manganese (80 mcg)

Potassium (205 mg)

Sodium (1.9 mg)

Zinc (380 mcg)

Linoleic (72 mcg)

Palmitic (52 mcg)

Oleic (24.5 mcg)

Maca has 20 free fatty acids to support cellular function:

C12-O -lauric ( .8%)

C13-1-7 trideconoic ( .3%)

C13-O tridecoanoic (.1%)

C14-O myrstic (1.4%)

C15-1-7 pentadecanoic (.5%)

C16-1-9 palmtoleic (2.7%)

C16-0 palmitic (23.8%)

C17-1-9 heptadecenoic (1.5%)

C17-0 heptadecanoic (1.8%)

C18-2-9-12 linoleic (32.6%)

C18-1-9 oleic (11.1%)

C18-0 steric (6.7%)

C19-1-11 nonadecenoic (1.3%)

C19-0 – nonadecanoic (0.4%)

C20-1-15 eisosenoic (2.3%)

C22-0 behanic (2%)

C24-1-15 nervonic (0.4%)

C-24-0 lignocenic (0.4%)

What’s the Maca Root Secret? Dense Nutrition.

Maca root is best known to deliver its many benefits through its dense makeup of alkaloids, amino acids, beta-ecdysone, calcium, carbohydrates, fatty acids, glucosinolates, iron, magnesium, p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate, phosphorus, potassium, protein, saponins, sitosterols, stigmasterol, tannins, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc.

Maca root is also known to contain the chemical p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate. It’s considered to be one of a collection of biologically active aromatic isothiocyanates and is where the aphrodisiac qualities of maca come from. This is not found anywhere but in maca, and is why each cup of our Macaccino organic energy drinks do more than most energy drinks could only dream of.

maca root powder
Reported Benefits from the Consumption of Maca Root

Maca root has a tremendous documented history of being used to treat illness, improve well-being, stamina, energy, sexual function, and more. Some of this has been proven in scientific studies, and more has yet to be researched in a “published-journal” capacity, but maca carries a wealth of anecdotal evidence to its effectiveness.

Maca root consumption has been widely reported (but not yet substantiated by the FDA) to:

Increase Energy

Improve Mood

Improve Stamina

Aid in Muscle Recovery

Improve Circulation

Ease Symptoms of Menopause

Balance Hormones

Increase Sperm Production

Improve Melatonin Production

Improve Sleep

Releve Depression

Lessen Anxiety

Reduce Cholesterol

Balance the Endocrine System

Improve Immunity

Enhance Memory

Improve Menstrual Disorders

Strengthen Erections

Increase Physical Performance

Reduce Hot Flashes

Reduce  Lethargy

Improve Hypothyroidism

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