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Training with Maca Root’s Benefits

Maca root, the main ingredient in our Macaccino energy drinks, has long been the secret of professional athletes, bodybuilders, runners, personal trainers, Inca warriors, Spanish Conquistadors, and more. Why should you add maca root (and, more specifically, Macaccino) to your pre- and post-workout routine? Specifically, improved energy, increased stamina, greater performance, and faster post-workout muscle recovery are the highlights of what is truly one impressive superfood-based organic energy drink.

An Alternative to Anabolic Steroids

Hitting the gym powered by protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals is a perfect means to increase energy, stamina, and performance. Macaccino energy drinks deliver this with hand-roasted maca root and other superfood ingredients in every cup. By pushing your body harder and faster than you could without Macaccino, your best performance becomes even better, and thus your muscle growth and tone (and overall fitness level) increase faster than you are used to.

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The Post-workout Benefits of Macaccino

After a workout, Macaccino delivers powerful anti-oxidants that aid in muscle recovery. By helping to increase immune cells which aid in muscle repair, anti-oxidants improve the body’s adaptive response to muscle damage created by effective and powerful exercise. The maca root and other superfood ingredients in Macaccino also help to improve mood and overall well-being, which enhances the post-workout sense of accomplishment and improves focus.

Macaccino Energy Drinks As Part of a Workout Routine

Improved Mood Increases Desire to Workout

We all know the biggest danger to not achieving our workout goals is ourselves. Finding the right motivation to engage in a workout routine is critical to developing and sticking to an exercise plan. Macaccino helps to balance mood and increase energy, which can be the difference maker when it comes to that “I don’t feel like going to the gym today” mental fog. Getting up and getting moving is the hardest part of any workout, and a daily Macaccino energy drink works well to remove the likelihood that you skip a workout.

A Powerful Body-building Energy Drink

Macaccino energy drinks are vegan and come full of naturally-occurring amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium, iron, as well as vitamins B1, B2, B12, C and E. Using Macaccino energy drinks in the morning and then again before a workout allows one to draw upon dense nutrition as he or she enters into physical activity. This powerful delivery of essential vitamins and minerals pushes one to the very brink of top physical performance without the need to use dangerous chemicals and supplements.

Macaccino is a Quick and Easy Energy Drink

Macaccino energy drinks work in tandem with the workout drinks you already enjoy and are quick and easy to make (no brewing required), so adding a quick Macaccino to your workout routine is simple. We also make travel sizes (10-cup bags) of our roasted Macaccino blends if you’d like to keep one in your gym bag. It’s important to aid your body in its growth, just like you’d water a garden or feed your children. Adding a quick and easy Macaccino to your workout helps to ensure your body is ready to train at peak levels.

Macaccino Provides Additional Benefits for Athletes

In addition to enhanced energy, improved stamina, and easier muscle recovery, Macaccino energy drinks help to balance blood sugar, increase circulation, improve bone health, lower the levels of lipoproteins and cholesterol, improve thyroid function, and so much more. Adding this to your diet every day only goes to directly improve the experience you have with your life.

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