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At Science of Living Natural Foods, we believe alternative energy should come from a higher source. We are committed to creating spectacular organic, healthy food and drink products that elevate body, mind, and SOL. We are about moving people forward, fueled by only the clean, natural energy that Mother Nature provides. Everything we do is for the betterment of humanity and the Earth. Impossible? We don’t believe so . . .

About SOL Foods
We at Science of Living Natural Foods believe clean organic energy  will change the world.  We are all about utilizing the power of Mother Nature to move us through our busy daily lives.


Our Roasted Maca Blend was created out of our vegan, organic restaurant in Santa Monica, CA., Golden Mean Natural Foods. With our fingers crossed, we opened at the height of the economic recession in 2009. Even back then we were holding true to our values of serving delicious vegan organic food that both meat eaters and vegans can enjoy. We filled the environment with reclaimed wood tables and sustainable products to create a warm inviting uplifting atmosphere to nourish not only the body, but the mind and SOL, as well.


The Golden Mean Café has been serving our roasted maca blends ever since. With so many customers coming back to share our blends with friends and introduce others to our wonderful superfood-laden, coffee alternative, the decision to bring our hand-roasted maca blends to a larger market was a no-brainer. Simply, this can help change a lot of lives for the better. That’s important to us—we can’t imagine waking up and not helping others find solutions that bring all of us closer to a healthy, spiritual way of life.


We come from strong roots and are now ready to grow worldwide so we can be the leader in delicious coffee alternative energy drinks, energy bars and energy protein powders all soon to come.


This is only the beginning and we are looking forward to moving, elevating,your energy in ways you could never imagine!  Why? Because we love what we do with all our SOL!
Our Conservation Efforts to Date

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Aaron Glassman

Aaron Glassman is an entrepreneur, visionary, writer, teacher, musician, and humanitarian. Science of Living Natural Foods is Aaron’s newest business venture, designed to bring the world’s healthiest foods to market in ways that not only fit people’s lifestyles, but improve upon them. Aaron’s greatest joy is to fuse creativity with his love of nature into thriving companies that inspire and promote an elevated state of being.


Aaron is commited to water preservation and conservation and is part of the White Spring Project in Glastonbury, U.K. Aaron believes life is long-so live healthy and fill it with adventure and joy!